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Twilio Alternative made in Germany: The TENIOS Voice-API

6/17/19 9:55 AM / by TENIOS BLOG


Twilio Alternative DELooking for an alternative to the Twilio? API communication platform? Then TENIOS is the right choice. In addition to an extensive range of functions at a fair price, the TENIOS Voice API scores with technology "Made in Germany": hosting and operation are carried out in our geo-redundant data centers in Frankfurt. Concerning to service, customers benefit from german and english-speaking personal support from our service team. Everything 100% GDPR compliant.


The Future of Voice Applications - Voice-API

Whoever wants to integrate voice services into their business telephony will sooner or later encounter them: Application Programming Interfaces - APIs for short. The standardized interfaces allow applications and systems to be linked with each other, including voice applications and telecommunications services. Voice API can be used, for example, to initiate, control and receive calls via a web application.

Here are 5 strong reasons why TENIOS is the better alternative to Twilio!

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The TENIOS Voice API's Top 5 Reasons for Use 

#1 Comprehensive voice functions

Voice Functions TENIOS Voice API

The TENIOS Voice API enables the implementation of voice applications into your business telephony. In addition to controlling, generating and receiving calls, the API offers the possibility of linking a wide range of web services, CRM or ERP systems. For example, relevant customer data from your internal database can be accessed within the call routing.

Add IVR menus with voice control to your call routing and make navigation as easy as possible for your callers. With the help of automatic speech recognition - currently available in 80 languages - speech dialog systems can be implemented that have the appearance of a natural customer dialog. Even more natural are call flows through the integration of digital voice assistants via the TENIOS VoiceBot Connector. This connects to the bot engine of your choice and a real-time transmission between caller and bot takes place.


#2 User-friendly web interface

The second top argument for the TENIOS Voice API is the user-friendly and intuitive web portal. As a customer, you can log in easily and conveniently with your access data and the world of TENIOS Cloud Communications is open to you. What is special about our portal is that you always have the option of making changes in call routing e.g. - flexibly as required or with changing requirements. Adjustments made via the customer portal are immediately active.


Edit routing


#3 No hidden additional costs

When the TENIOS Voice API is activated, customers receive the full-service package - without restriction and without additional payment for special API services. The concept: By booking a TENIOS telephone number, the access to the Voice API is already included! For 0.01 € per minute, not only the phone number can be used, also the entire potential of the API platform. So you make more out of your application and don't have to worry about hidden costs.


#4 Close to the customer

Service is a top priority for us, because we appreciate the direct line to our customers! We offer you competent customer service with personal support by our trained support team. You just want to have a quick look? TENIOS also has a lot to offer in the area of self-service: In our extensive online knowledge base you will find help on our products with step-by-step instructions and suitable code examples.


#5 100% GDPR compliant

This refers to the new basic data protection regulation: GDPR. Object of the regulation is the protection of personal data of citizens in the EU. As a cloud communications provider, we take this protection very seriously and are happy to keep our security promises transparent for you: Your data will only be stored within the EU - more precisely, in our data centers in Frankfurt - under the strict conditions of article 28 (GDPR).



So why TENIOS instead of Twilio?

In terms of function, TENIOS and Twilio are in no way inferior to each other: Both providers offer a wide range of voice functions and implementation options. However, when using Twilio, some of these services incur additional costs. For example, call recordings cost $ 0.0025 per minute. And also the price for calls within Germany is with converted 0,013 €/min. more expensive than the TENIOS tariff (0,01 €/min.).

The locational advantage of TENIOS is also evident in terms of customer service and data protection. TENIOS convinces with customer orientation and offers both german- and english-speaking support. With TENIOS, you are also on the safe side concerning to GDPR, as data is stored directly in Germany and therefore within the scope of the data protection regulation.


Then register online today for our Voice API!

The best Twilio Alternative

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