TENIOS Call-Back Manager - Reduce waiting time for callers while improving customer service

Posted by TENIOS BLOG on 19.10.2017
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Various studies on hotlines prove the dilemma in the support of optimal staffing and best possible accessibility in customer service. Long wait times for callers can therefore hardly be avoided. Frustrated customers and contacts are no exceptions.

A solution is a so-called call-back service. Callers can specify a callback request either during the call on hold or directly on the site. This request ends up in the service center and is processed with availability or deadline. Depending on the technical implementation, the call is made directly by the employee or directly via the Cloud Communications platform.

TENIOS has expanded its call-back service with an open programming interface (Telecom API). Currently it was possible during the call to confirm the callback request by pressing a key. The request landed as an e-mail in the service center. The Telecom API allows these requests to be fully automated. In general, two variants are available:

Widget Mode: A widget is integrated on the company's website. This can be adapted to the design as desired. The users enter their callback number and optionally an appointment request. The widget generates a request via the Telecom API to TENIOS. The system initiates the call to the service center and connects it to the user.

Server Mode: In this variant, the platform of the customer sets a request for the callback via the Telecom API (https-Post). Caller and destination numbers as well as optional announcements, ringing times or service IDs are transmitted. TENIOS initiates the call to the service center and connects it to the user.

The call-back manager can be booked via the TENIOS Cloud-Communications platform for a monthly amount of 150.00. The connection costs are calculated on the basis of consumption and are only 1 cent per minute for seconds.

An individual offer is available on request to + 49 221 55400300 or info@tenios.de

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