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5 Tech tips on how to optimize workflows in telephone customer service

12/3/20 9:02 AM / by TENIOS BLOG posted in call-center, TTS Service, automatic-speech-recognition, Voice API, Speech API, contact center, API, text to speech, Interactive Voice Response, Twilio Alternative


Christmas is coming. For retailers that means: High season. And also the employees in telephone customer service are handling a float of calls. Due to Corona personal dialogues are rarely, so the number of calls increases.

In this article we will show you how phone service works also in troubled times.





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Twilio Alternative made in Germany: The TENIOS Voice-API

6/17/19 9:55 AM / by TENIOS BLOG posted in call-center, Voice API, contact center, API, text to speech, Twilio Alternative

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Looking for an alternative to the Twilio? API communication platform? Then TENIOS is the right choice. In addition to an extensive range of functions at a fair price, the TENIOS Voice API scores with technology "Made in Germany": hosting and operation are carried out in our geo-redundant data centers in Frankfurt. Concerning to service, customers benefit from german and english-speaking personal support from our service team. Everything 100% GDPR compliant.

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