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SIP Trunking for Contact Centers: Think Global, Act Local

11/24/17 10:21 AM / by TENIOS BLOG posted in call-center, ip-access, sip-trunk, sip-trunking


Customer experience isn't just about live agents interacting with customers but also about the business processes and systems that support those agents. Even the most well-trained and experienced agent is limited by the applications used to interact with customers. Often, cumbersome and siloed legacy systems can be the cause of poor customer experiences. To benefit from the latest technology, more and more enterprises are opting for managed/hosted or on-demand contact center services. This is particularly the case for those enterprises that do not have the resources (financially or operationally) to purchase, implement, or maintain contact center technology and/or activities. The ease and flexibility of hosted and on-demand contact center services are among the key benefits that allow these enterprises to stay agile and enable the interactions that are so important to customer experience, and to do this via the required (digital) channels with local support.

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