Twilio Alternative made in Germany: The TENIOS Voice-API

Posted by TENIOS BLOG on 17.06.2019


Looking for an alternative to the Twilio? API communication platform? Then TENIOS is the right choice. In addition to an extensive range of functions at a fair price, the TENIOS Voice API scores with technology "Made in Germany": hosting and operation are carried out in our geo-redundant data centers in Frankfurt. Concerning to service, customers benefit from german and english-speaking personal support from our service team. Everything 100% GDPR compliant.

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Chatbot meets Voice: How to get your bot to the phone

Posted by TENIOS BLOG on 20.03.2019


Today, chatbots are already an established part in the digital communication strategy of many companies. Which is often completely disregarded: Using bots for text-only communication holds a huge unused potential. Once the intelligent assistant has been configured, it can also be used for voice interfaces thanks to text-to-speech and speech-to-text.

With the TENIOS VoiceBot Connector, bots can be integrated into TENIOS cloud telephony in just a few steps. This also allows them to answer telephone inquiries.

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Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) in 80 languages: TENIOS provides AI-based voice control

Posted by TENIOS BLOG on 24.07.2018


In our last article we introduced the upgrade of the TENIOS Text-to-Speech (TTS) service to 18 languages. As announced, this is just one of the new AI-based speech tools that TENIOS is offering now. With automatic speech recognition (ASR), the call on your hotline or in the contact center will become an optimal customer experience. And the best thing about it: The speech recognition system works for over 80 languages and countries.

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Text-to-Speech: TENIOS Voice Assistant (TTS) now speaks 18 languages

Posted by TENIOS BLOG on 19.07.2018

Hur kan jag hjälpa dig? - That was Swedish and means "How can I help you?". Swedish is only one of the available languages of our digital hero: TENIOS' Text-to-Speech (TTS) service now offers the possibility to communicate in 18 different languages. In addition, both male and female voices are available in different versions for each language. With a total of 38 language and voice enhancements, the TENIOS Voice Assistant is upgraded and optimizes the international customer dialogue.

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SIP Trunking for Contact Centers: Think Global, Act Local

Posted by TENIOS BLOG on 24.11.2017

Customer experience isn't just about live agents interacting with customers but also about the business processes and systems that support those agents. Even the most well-trained and experienced agent is limited by the applications used to interact with customers. Often, cumbersome and siloed legacy systems can be the cause of poor customer experiences. To benefit from the latest technology, more and more enterprises are opting for managed/hosted or on-demand contact center services. This is particularly the case for those enterprises that do not have the resources (financially or operationally) to purchase, implement, or maintain contact center technology and/or activities. The ease and flexibility of hosted and on-demand contact center services are among the key benefits that allow these enterprises to stay agile and enable the interactions that are so important to customer experience, and to do this via the required (digital) channels with local support.

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