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MakeCall API: Intelligent routing for outbound calls

1/26/21 5:13 PM / by TENIOS BLOG


Automated inbound call routing is standard practice in many contact centers. But what about outbound calls?

With TENIOS' new MakeCall function, you have the option of routing outbound calls to the public telephone network and forwarding them to predefined routing plans in the TENIOS Cloud.



The Voice-API makes it work

With the Voice-API, TENIOS offers an interface for the integration of applications and services via common web technologies (https, REST). The MakeCall function is also connected via the API. This is started directly from the TENIOS Cloud, as the following model illustrates:


MakeCall EN

After activating the MakeCall function, the defined destination number (destination_number) is dialed within the public telephone network. As soon as the customer answers the call, a connection to the service hotline (tenios_number) is established and a pre-defined routing plan is run through. This routing plan can be configured flexibly and individually in the TENIOS customer portal.

The programming of the MakeCall block is done in just a few steps. The following figure shows a request example:

Makecall Anfragebeispiel

First, the access_key must be entered to establish the connection to the API. This key is stored in the TENIOS customer portal. In the next step, the destination_number is entered. The following field contains the tenios_number - the service number to which the call is routed after the connection to the destination number has been established. The callstate_info_url parameter specifies the URL that will provide information each time the call state changes.

The MakeCall function is ideal for confirming appointments, for example: With an appropriately defined routing plan, appointment confirmations take place fully automatically.



Integration of outbound actions with Call Control

With the help of our Call Control API, outbound calls can be configured even more flexibly and individually. In this case, the control is taken over by the customer-side application.



Automate your outbound telephony!
Initiate calls to the public telephone network with the MakeCall API from TENIOS.
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