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hotline numbers for Russia – freephone – geographic numbers

6/1/17 12:00 AM / by TENIOS BLOG

Russia (Russian Federation) is an attractive market with its 145 million inhabitants and a rapidly growing domestic market. Historically and culturally, Russians rely on local products and services.

Local freephones and geographical numbers play a special role here. As a provider, you signal local proximity and offer optimal telephone service via your hotline numbers. They do not need a local presence or their own technology in Russia. These numbers are switched via tenios. We forward the incoming calls to your destination connections and call centers. You pay only 19 € monthly for your own hotline number.
Switch your own hotline number in Russia today. We will be pleased to provide you with an individual offer:
+49 221 55400300 oder info@TENIOS.de

Our Pricing for Russian numbers:

Set-up fee per number: 19,00 €
Monthly fee per number: 19,00 €

per minute rates geographical numbers: 0,02 €

per minute rates freephone Russia fixed: 0,06 €
per minute rates freephone Russia mobile: 0,09 €

for further information please visit www.tenios.de

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