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Posted by TENIOS BLOG on 04.08.2017
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BrowserCall becomes first WordPress Plugin for WebRTC telephony integration via your browser. Germany-based team behind unique plugin provides simple way for businesses to increase sales and offer excellent service to customers.

BrowserCall is a tool that revolutionizes the way you communicate with your customers. It gives you the ability to communicate with them in a channel that no other company is doing, creating that personal human experience that allows you to provide the highest level of customer service. In turn, you’ll see less refund, better engagement which goes directly into your bottom line.

TENIOS BrowserCall enables voice calls through any computer, tablet or smart phone – right from a webpage. Your customers call through their browser using their microphone. They don’t need to look up or dial or even pay for an outgoing call.

The service is based upon HTML5 features webRTC and WebSocket. There is no need for any plug-in installation or registration/setup needed by the visitors of the website. With Chrome, Firefox already supporting webRTC (and more likely to join in the future), there are more than 1 billion users who can already access this feature in their browser. Calls can be anonymous with no registration needed and users can register or provide their details when additional interaction is needed.

You need a TENIOS account to use the BrowserCall plugin. Register at www.tevox.com for free. You can set-up your routing settings for BrowserCall and receive a Data-Token, wich is needed to authorize your website for BrowserCall and prevent missuse.

After you have installed the BrowserCall plugin, activate it and fill copy the Data-Toke in the plugin settings.

More information can be obtained by visiting www.TENIOS.de.

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